Top 15 universities in USA 2019

Best Universities in USA 2019

America, it is the last remaining superpower on Earth, and it is a hotbed of excellent institutions of higher education to study at. In fact, some of the best universities in the world are in America. Many international students long to study in American universities, but they don't know where to begin their research. This article serves as a guide to the best universities in the USA!

Princeton University

Tuition at this top ranking American university is over $41,000 a year. Princeton offers many undergraduate and graduate programs. These include the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International affairs and the School of engineering and applied science. This top American university encourages students to experience campus and cultural life through various 'eating clubs' which give students the opportunity to socialize. This top USA college has many clubs and organizations. Its student body is less than 8,000, and more than ¼ are international students Undergraduates write a thesis statement or work on an independent project to demonstrate their mastery of course work. Princeton emphasizes research-based work giving international students the perfect opportunity to learn about their chosen future career in terms of theoretical and practical knowledge through research projects. Woodrow Wilson, Michelle Obama, and Brooke Shields are alumni. Princeton is known for flexibility in terms of academic study with an Arts center for liberal arts students.

Harvard University

Harvard was founded in 1636. It is one of the best universities in USA. The student to faculty ratio is 6:1. 72.5% of its classes have 20 students or less allowing for a great deal of interaction. Undergraduate students study the social sciences, biological sciences, math, history, and physical sciences. Undergraduate retention rates are 97%. Its business school is one of the best in the world. its stellar medical school, engineering school, law school, and John Kennedy school of government make it one of the top 10 colleges in America. Annual tuition is over $50,000. Harvard has a large endowment offering generous financial aid. It boasts the largest library in the world. Harvard University has a university ranking of # 2 in US News and World Report, a premier institution for ranking universities in USA.

Columbia University

This university is among one of the top 100 colleges in USA. Its annual tuition is $60,000. This top USA college is set against an urban backdrop and is comprised of 36 acres. It uses a semester-based academic year Columbia offers extensive financial aid to families whose annual income is less than $60,000. Students are offered research-based assistantships. Columbia allows students to experience its culture through student activities, which include 25 Greek sorority and fraternity chapters. Columbia has three undergraduate colleges: Columbia College, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied science, and the School of General studies. John Jay, and Barack Obama have attended Columbia. Columbia offers the Pulitzer prize!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is the fourth-ranking university. Annual tuition at this top American university is $52,000. Like most of the best colleges in USA, MIT places a strong emphasis on research in technology and science. It is divided into five schools. MIT receives approximately $700 million a year in research funding from government agencies. Being one of the top American universities, MIT's strength lies in its academic departments which include the school of Engineering, and the Sloan School of Management (business). Some alumni from this top American university include Buzz Aldrin and Kofi Annan. MIT was founded in 1861. Its undergraduate student body is 4,547, and its campus sprawls over 166 acres of land. MIT allows undergraduate students to study graduate level courses. MIT has low teacher-student ratios, and caring faculty. Freshmen retention rates are 99%.

University of Chicago

This university ranks among the top 10 colleges in USA. Its annual tuition is $57,006. It offers on-campus student and cultural activities and events. The University of Chicago ranks among the best universities in USA because of its postgraduate programs, including the Booth School of Business Law, The Pritzker School of Medicine, and the Harris School of Public Policy Studies. Students are immersed in UofC's rich campus life from the beginning. The dorms which on-campus students are placed at serve as tight-knit communities.

Yale University

Yale University is one of the best universities in USA. Annual tuition is $54,000. This liberal arts university has drama and music programs which influence surrounding communities. Students are immersed in Yale's vibrant campus and cultural life from the time they enrol. This American university gives its undergraduate student body the strong academic foundation they will need to excel in their future careers.

Stanford University

Located near Silicon Valley, this university remains among the top 10 colleges in USA because of its emphasis on technical and business education. Tuition is $52,000 a year. Stanford is located within 30 miles of San Francisco. It encourages its students to engage in various entrepreneurial activities which include starting small and large enterprises through its Pre-Business Association. Stanford is also known for its solar car project which designs and builds solar cars every two years. This top USA college has a vibrant campus and cultural life. All students are guaranteed housing for four years.

Duke University

This private university ranks among the top 10 colleges in USA. it uses a semester-based academic year. Tuition at Duke University is $55,960. Duke is located in Durham, North Carolina which is known for its various entertainment activities. It encourages its students to participate in its cultural and campus life by requiring them to live on campus for the first three years, with freshmen living on the East Campus. The university has nearly 40 fraternities and sororities which involve nearly 30% of the student body. Duke's Fuqua School of Business is ranked among the top MBA programs. The Pratt School of Engineering and the School of Law make Duke one of the top universities in USA.

University of Pennsylvania

This top American university has strong undergraduate and graduate programs in all academic areas. Annual tuition at this top USA college is $56,000. This university was founded by Benjamin Franklin. UPenn has 10 housing colleges. UPenn offers its undergraduate and graduate student body campus and cultural life with 50 fraternities and sororities. 25% of the student body is actively involved in a Greek sorority. Students can join various clubs and organizations like the Latin & Ballroom Dance Club to experience UPenn's multicultural fabric. UPenn has 12 schools, and five are undergraduate. IT offers world-class graduate programs which make it one of the top universities in USA.

John's Hopkin's University

Tuition is $54,000 a year. It has excellent liberal arts programs. It offerw its undergraduate and graduate students a strong academic background. This university has 9 schools, five of which are for undergraduates. John's Hopkins has excellent graduate programs including the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Northwestern University

This top American university is private, and is located in Evanston, Illinois. It was founded in 1851. It is set in a suburban community, and has an undergraduate student body of 8,278. It sprawls over 231 acres. Annual tuition is over $54,000. Northwestern began as a farming community in the early 1850's. This American university has 10 residential colleges which offer housing to encourage cultural and academic interaction and concentration. Northwestern has 12 colleges, nine of which are undergraduate. It is known for its school of journalism, and for its Dance Marathon which was created in 1975. This dance club has raised more than $20 million to fund local charities. Rahm Emmanuel, John Paul Stevens, and Zach Braff are alumni

California Institute of Technology

This private American university was founded in 1891. Its has 961 undergraduate students. It is suburban, and sprawls over 124 acres of land. It uses a quarter-based academic year, and tuition is $52,362. Cal-Tech's focus is on science and engineering. This top USA college also has strong graduate programs in engineering, biology, chemistry, computer science, the Earth sciences, mathematics, and physics. Cal Tech has produced many Nobel laureates. Its programs and strict quality controls ensure that it produces employees who are talented, have a great work ethic, and excel! Cal Tech receives generous grants from NASA. Some of its graduates have founded top companies like Hotmail!

Dartmouth College

Dartmouth ranks among the top 15 college in USA. It is a private educational institution located in Hanover, New Hampshire. It was founded in 1769 by Eleazar Wheelock. It is one of the nine continental colleges. Dartmouth operates off of a quarter-based academic year, and annual tuition is $55,035. It is rural. This top American university has a vibrant cultural life, with 60% of its undergraduates belonging Greek fraternities. It is also home to the outing club which is the nation's largest and oldest. Its graduates created BASIC. Dartmouth has strong engineering, arts, and sciences colleges. It has four graduate departments. Alumni include Theodor Giesel, Shonda Rhimes, and Timothy Geithner.

Brown University

Brown is flexible in terms of curriculum design. It is a private university which was founded in 1764. Its undergraduate student body numbers more than 6,000. Annual tuition is more than $55,000. This top American university is a liberal arts institution with strong English and history programs. It has the prestigious Warren Alpert medical school. John D. Rockefeller, John F. Kennedy, and Ted Turner are alumni.

Vanderbuilt Unversity

Annual tuition tops $49,000. It is a private university located in Nashville, TN. Its undergraduate student body numbers 6,885. It was founded in 1873, and is urban with its campus sprawling over 33 acres. Vanderbilt uses a semester-based academic year. It has strong academic programs. Its top graduate programs include the Owens School of Business, and the School of Nursing. Its medical center is one of the best in the nation, and Anne Moore, and James Patterson are alumni. International students pine to study at top American universities because of their flexibility in terms of academic, they are heavily research-based, thereby giving these students ample opportunity to gain theoretical and practical knowledge. Many of these schools have excellent business programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels which produce hardworking and knowledgeable professionals who rise quickly through the ranks in their places of employment. Many of these business graduates also launch successful business of all sizes.