Why study in UK in 2019?

Best reasons to study in UK in 2019

The United Kingdom which combines England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has long been known for prestige and high society. Many people dream of visiting the UK to see its architectural marvels like Stonehenge, Buckingham Palace, and the Tower of London. However, few people ever think about the UK as being a place in which to pursue higher education. Indeed, there are many excellent colleges and universities in the UK. This article will discuss why people should study in the UK!

Most of the universities in UK are among some of the best in the world. In addition, many of these universities like Cambridge and Oxford are known for their prestige and the world-class education they offer their students. Universities and colleges in UK are very flexible, much more so than those in other nations, including the United States, and Canada. The UK has long been a popular destination for international students, and this has especially been true in recent years with universities in UK enrolling more international students than ever! The UK is currently the second most popular destination in the world for international students, trailing directly behind America. The two factors that have made universities in UK very attractive for international students include the growing demand for instruction in the English language, and the visa hurdles international students face while trying to study in America post 9/11.

Some of the best institutions in the world are located at the top UK universities. This factor alone attracts some of the best and brightest people in the world to study at universities in UK. Universities in UK offer some of the best undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the world in terms of courses offered and subjects covered. Moreover, these universities make sure that the information imparted and knowledge taught is current and relevant. Indeed, the top rated universities in UK are excellent places of learning which allow its students to develop the academic and practical skills that they will need to excel in their future places of employment. In fact, an independent academic organization called the QS does annual surveys of top universities around the world, and its results have revealed that many of the top ranking universities in UK are at the top of its list in terms of employer reputation rankings.

Students from the following nations send the greatest number of students to study at universities in UK: China, India, Nigeria, Malaysia, USA, Hong Kong, Germany, France, the Republic of Ireland, and Greece. Degrees conferred to students from universities in UK are world class, very prestigious, and are recognized by employers worldwide. The UK has some of the oldest universities in the Western world which are known for excellence. These universities have extremely high standards and set precedence for other universities in UK. Two of these very old institutions include Oxford and Cambridge. Students with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from a university in UK can use the prestige set by universities in UK to look for a great job from a great employer after graduation.

University education in the UK is very affordable, and is much cheaper than the same education in America would be. For example, a four-year degree from a typical American university would cost approximately $100,000. However, a four-year degree from a typical university in the UK would only cost thirty-six to forty-two thousand pounds. University education in the UK is structured differently from a university education in America and other western nations with undergraduate degree programs being three years in duration, and with masters degree programs being one to two years in duration. British policymakers have enacted measures to make universities in UK much more affordable, given the rising exchange rate.

International students in the UK are allowed to obtain work visas allowing them to work up to twenty hours a week while they are studying, and full-time when not in school. This helps to substantially offset the cost of their higher education. Additionally, it is very easy for international students to find internships across England in many areas including: business, economics, media/communications, and government. Most of these internships pay well allowing international students to fund the cost of their studies in the UK.

The Uk is the world headquarters for many large multinational companies. Indeed, England, and especially London, has been the hub of major business and financial activities in Europe and around the world for more than a thousand years. International students find that they can easily obtain an excellent internship with a high profile multinational corporation in many diverse fields, including accounting, finance, and marketing. England is a great destination for those international students wanting to study economics because of its rich economic history. London, the capital of England, has been the financial capital of Europe for more than a thousand years. Because many major businesses are located throughout London and England, economics majors find that they have an easy time obtaining a paying internship in a major company which allows them to work on projects that will help them learn and apply the fundamental theories of economic analysis. Additionally, many of the top universities in UK offer students full time research assistantships and positions which help them pay for their tuition and other expenses while giving them the practical and theoretical knowledge that they will need to excel in their future careers.

International students find that finding the scholarships and loans that will help them pay for an education at a university in UK is easier than in other nations. It is easier to obtain a student loan for studying at a top college in UK than it is in other nations, and scholarships are generally easier to find in the UK as well. Some scholarships are offered by private institutions, and others by the British government. For example, the Chevening scholarship are offered to students with good leadership potential and outstanding academic records by the British government. British embassies in various nations around the world personally select these individuals to be recipients of these scholarships. Any top university or college in UK will accept these scholarships at the postgraduate level. International students prefer these scholarships because they give them the opportunity to further their studies, create professional networks, and experience life in the United Kingdom.

Another important scholarship offered by the British government is the Euraxess UK scholarship. This is offered by the British council. It is designed for those students pursuing a career in academic research and it students the international mobility they need to support their research efforts in terms of their educational goals. Another good scholarship offered by the British government is the Commonwealth Scholarship which is offered by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission and is designed for those students who want to study at the master's level at a university in the UK, or who want to develop professionally. Students who live in the Commonwealth countries are offered these scholarships. The selection criteria for these scholarships is academic history, and leadership potential. These scholarships pay for airfare, personal spending money, an initial arrival allowance, tuition and exam fees, and thesis grand. These are just a few of the categories these scholarships provide funds for.

The UK has been considered to be the 'gateway to Europe' for a thousand years. Indeed, many safe and low-cost airlines which include Ryan Air, and Easy Jet regularly fly to London and other major cities in England, making travel affordable and very safe for international students. Also, because of the UK's close proximity to continental Europe, international students find that they can reach the major metros and areas in Europe within a few hours. Travel in the UK and throughout Europe is very safe and affordable as well.

Many international students choose to pursue their studies at a university in UK because the UK welcomes multiculturalism. The nations in the UK are have very multicultural societies and welcome and embrace people from all religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Places of worship for major religions worldwide are also in abundance in the UK. The UK is also home to many historic monuments and places of interest including Stonehenge, the Tower of London, Picadilly Circus, and Buckingham Palace, among others.

Many people would never think about pursuing higher education in the UK, but the UK is a great place to study at university in because of the great educational programs its colleges and universities offer. International students find that they have an easier time affording and obtaining the funds to finance their studies. Additionally, their degrees carry a great deal of international prestige which allows them to find a solid internship or job in a world-class company easily. The UK is also home to many historic and cultural relics, and has a great multicultural legacy and history which international students find intriguing.