Privacy Policy

Confidential Information:

All the information provided is secured and used by employees only to do their jobs and provide the best services. Limited access to the information is given to employees based on their roles and responsibilities. According to the Information technology Act 2000, we comply with law and provide physical, electronic, procedural safeguard required to keep your information confidential. We take at most responsibility to secure your personal information. Online Privacy is our most priority and we pay key role in protection and management of your personal information.

Right to Modify

TheEdumonk holds the right to modify the privacy policy at any point. All the modifications or updates will be applicable from the instant the change has been made.


You can also visit the website even without providing any of your information. Our partners may include firms from financial sectors, IT sectors, Education institutions for the promotion and development of the website . Only the essential information of yours is provided to the partners based on the services and operations they will be performing. Any advertisements on the site that you visit will indicate that you are interested in specific kind of services. None of your private information will be shared to them by us. It depends on your own personal interest.

Cookies and Technologies

This Website may contain cookies and other tracking technologies. User will also have the flexibility to deny or block the cookies which is the option that most of the browsers provide. But denying or deleting these cookies may restrict you to some of the services provided by the Website or may ask you to login again. In order to improve our services and implement analytic strategies we use some tools and technologies to track the user activity. This may provide information like duration that the user has stayed on the website , time and date that you logged in, IP address and geographical location of yours. This helps to analyze and understand the user needs and improve the experience of yours.

Third Party Services

Your information including personal information may be given to third party service providers of The-Edumonk to provide many micro services which may include mailing services as well. Third Party services also play key role in maintaining the operations of The-Edumonk,.


The-Edumonk, takes at most responsibility to protect all the information provided by you to comply with the law. Any loss or damage that happens due to compromising of your personal information we are not responsible for any of your actions leading to it.